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So much attention is focused on the health of a company and little attention is paid to the health and strength of it's workforce. A company is only as strong as the men and women who work hard everyday to help themselves, their families and their company go forward. We at Road Clan have an ideal that if you bring good companies and a knowledgable workforce together, the seeds of success will grow.

Road Clan wants to bring together the transportation industries people on all sides; The companies who employ, company recruiters who hire, the driver relations people who help, and the workforce that helps to keep America moving. If we can bring them together, let them share their knowlege and success stories we can help to insure the success of the new generation of American truckers who are looking to become the owner/operators of tomorrow. 

Road Clan offers a platform for transportation companies to hire operators and owner/operators, for operators to find solid work with good companies and build their knowledge of the industry, fleet owners to help employ the best workforce they can put in their equipment and general knowledge about the industry that keeps the food on our families tables and America moving forward. Be active in our forums, research and apply with our extensive list of transportation companies and read the articles about all that is going on in the industry today.

Road Clan

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